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Mother’s Day Creative Family Caregiver Tips and Topics

With Mother’s Day approaching soon, the holidays can sometimes present issues for family caregivers who care for their parents. The following tips and suggestions may help your visit. 

Celebrate Mom’s legacy.

Take some quality time with Mom this Mother’s Day and review some pleasant memories! Review a collection of pictures or a photo album. Yearbooks are fun to read together, too! Collectibles that Mom may have collected over the years, such as artwork, scarves, shoes, and more, are fun to talk about as well. Ask about her favorite memory growing up or while in high school. What was her first job? When did she start driving? Did she camp as a kid? Does she recall what type of phone her family used, if any, while she was growing up? What did it look like?


Going on a walk or stroll in the neighborhood or driving to a local park and taking a short stroll, is a favorite outing for quality time. Naming every bird, defining flower and plant types, and more can be fun. Bring water to hydrate, and make sure a bathroom is nearby!

May Planting

Planting seeds in the yard or in a pot is fulfilling and fun for many mothers! Whether you buy vegetable plants or seeds, planting them is healthy and exciting to watch. Read the instructions out loud and allow Mom to place the location in her favorite spot!

Self-watering pots are a favorite! Purchasing raised planters and or placing pots on top of tables is helpful. Please ensure a hose is nearby for future watering and create a schedule.

Movie day

Mom may be too tired or frail to travel to the movie theater, so bring it to her!

Ask her for a list of her favorite movies and watch one or more of her very favorite ones!

Provide popcorn, her favorite candy, a healthy snack, and your favorite throw. Then, sit back and relax.

Plants or flowers?

Bringing Mom flowers is a great idea; however, she may need to keep them watered and change the water quite often for them to last. Durable plants can give her much greater joy and endure longer.

Here is a list of durable and safe plant recommendations:

  • Monstera
  • Succulents
  • ZZ Plant
  • Pothos

Please leave Mom a watering schedule based on the plant’s needs. You can temporarily add flowers to the soil if you’d like a little color.

Headphones and Music listening fun!

A favorite gift for older adults is headphones (over-the-ear) that plug into their phones or other devices with a playlist that reflects their favorites. Set up the music ahead of time and show up with mom’s favorite music ready to go! You may even want a speaker that can also play her music favorites throughout the home.

If any of these tips are helpful, let us know!

Assured In-Home Care, wishes everyone a pleasant experience while visiting their mom!

Happy Mother’s Day to all mothers and their amazing children!

Jacqueline DuPont Carlson, PhD, D Ed 

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