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4 Quick Tips When Hiring a New Caregiver

  1. Consistency and structure are the keys to making sure your loved one receives the care they deserve.
  1. Try to create daily activities for your caregiver to do with your loved one, such as taking a walk, puzzles, card games, cooking together, crafts and music time. Please be sure to make a list of your loved one’s favorite movie shows and the times the shows are offered on TV. Please also do not forget to teach the caregiver how to use the remote as TV remotes differ and the remote can be complicated.
  1. Write down the best times for these activities to occur, keeping things consistent is super helpful for your loved one. Leaving a list of things to be done regularly maintains consistency for your loved one, while at the same time caregivers know to be flexible!
  1. Allow time for you and your loved one to adjust. However, if you feel a caregiver is not a fit, call the agency after the shift is over. Communication with the agency is critical. Give concrete examples as to why it did not work out and what you feel went wrong. Try not to take it personally if a caregiver may not want to return to the job. It could be the caregiver feels it simply is not a good match for their skills. Open communication and collaboration with the agency is critical.

Written by Jacqueline DuPont-Carlson, PhD, EdD, Gerontologist

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