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Finding Peace in the Caregiver Journey

“Since 2006, Assured’s compassionate in home care is based on the most current, empirical research in gerontology.”

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We are here to assist you and your Loved One in the most kind and compassionate way. We base our care and train our caregivers on the most current, Gerontological Education. The older adult clients and families our caregivers serve are located all across Los Angeles and Orange County.

Benefits of In Home Care

In Home Care provides care for all-ages of adults ranging from short-term to long-term care, including hospice and hospital support.  The service keeps older adults in their home.

Why Choose Assured?

Assured In Home Care provides exceptional in home care services to older adults in Los Angeles County and Orange County. Our mission is to provide the highest quality in home care.

In Home vs Home Health Care

In home care refers to non-medical care, such as personal care services, homemaking assistance, and companionship for older adults in order to maintain independence.

Our Co-Founder, Dr. Jacqueline DuPont-Carlson and her “What’s My Why”


What would we have done without Assured In Home Care’s caregivers! They were lifesavers. – Kim W.


All caregivers at Assured In Home Care were truly compassionate. – Hugh L.


The caregivers that Assured In Home Care provided us with were so loving to my mom and she loved them back. – Jim M.

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