Why Choose Assured In Home Care?

Every Older Adult Client deserves specialized care and attention from a compassionate caregiver, and a quality company with strong values. Our aspired guarantee is to find the right caregiver match for every client. 

Our family owned company has a team of professions who hold themselves and our company accountable. Our hope is for everyone to have peace and less stress during this difficult and sometimes trying time in life. 


Our Caregivers are a part of our Team as Employees, not Independent Contractors

We are proud of our care staff, and recognize our caregivers are the heart and soul of Assured In-Home Care. Please Click Here to read testimonials about our outstanding caregivers! We specialize in hiring caregivers who are dedicated to long-term service and carefully matched with you and your needs. This fosters deeper companionship, enhances safety, ensures reliability and eliminates confusion.

We can proudly say our caregivers are Assured In-Home Care employees, not independent contractors. This means they are employees and part of the company and each caregiver is insured, bonded, and includes company liability and workers compensation insurance. Caregivers are approved by the state of California to work in our field. They are licensed caregivers.

In order for us to provide you with only the highest-quality caregivers, we invest much time and hard work into the recruitment and training process. Before being hired and placed in a client’s home, all of our caregivers have a verified HCA state registry number and must pass a comprehensive reference check, criminal historical background check through the Department of Justice, Department of social services and a DMV record check with verification of current car insurance. 

We continually educate and train our caregivers on various aspects of senior care, particularly concerning Activities of Daily Living (ADL’s). Our caregivers are licensed and bonded as W-2 employees, relieving you from the inconvenience of managing taxes, Worker’s Compensation insurance and everything else involved in being an employer.

Care Management Team

Assured In-Home Care’s management team also includes experienced Care Managers, and their role is to proactively assist our families and clients with coordination of care. Our Goal is to effectively manage and proactively give insight and referrals for our clients in situations in which the older adult may need more care oversight. 

Care managers work with families, friends, and professionals to oversee all aspects of our clients’ care. This may include coordinating with social workers, case managers, nurses, home health professionals including physical therapists, physical referrals and meetings,  discharge planners, doctors, long-term care insurance, medication management, organization of medication set up, grocery shopping, transportation, family crisis meetings, geriatric psychiatric referrals, worker’s compensation insurance, trust officers, attorneys, banking assistance, and fiduciaries.

 Care managers visit with clients and/or their family members at home to assess and evaluate each individual’s safety, needs and environment in order to ensure the best caregiver is provided. Let our highly reputable staff make a difference in your life today.

Locally Owned and Operated by a Gerontologist

Assured In-Home Care is unique because it is locally-owned and operated by Dale Prince and Gerontologist, Dr. Jacqueline Dupont. Dr. Dupont has been in the senior and healthcare service industry for over 30 years and created the mission, vision and values of the company. Jacqueline has two masters from USC Gerontolgoy and Public Administration,  and has her doctorate from USC Rossier School of Education in Organizational development and leadership She also has a PHD from Ashbourne University in Ashbourne, England. She is well-known and respected for her strong commitment to serving and honoring older adults. Click here to read more about Dr. Jacqueline Dupont. 

Dale Prince, Owner and Director of Assured’s Los Angeles office, has over 30 years of experience in the senior care industry.  He is a graduate of Newport School of Photography in Newport Beach, CA, Brooks Institute of Photography in Santa Barbara, CA and received his BA in Business from Cal State Northridge. He entered the industry in Emergency Medical Services, worked in marketing and PR, and then co-founded  Assured In-Home Care in 2006.  Click here to read more about Dale Prince. 

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