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The caregivers Assured In Home Care provided us were so loving to my mom and she loved them back. We were using another agency prior to Assured, but they began to fall apart as they grew and I had so many issues with them. I felt my hair turned grey because of all the frustrations I had with them.
We met with Carla in the Orange County office and her interview with us was exceptional. There was no doubt we wanted to go with Assured for my Mom’s needs. When we started with Assured that kind of response carried through and the entire team was fantastic. I could get a hold of people quickly and loved that I could text or call Carla directly. She was so helpful and always gave such helpful, valuable advice. Assured was such an incredible blessing. Im so glad they were on fully with my mother during these last months with her. It made all the difference in the world and made her passing, as difficult as it was, much easier.
Jim M.★★★★★
Carla and Gabby really make sure you are taken care of and if you need support, they’re always there to help! They make it comfortable for you and they gave us self help bags during covid and to meet our needs. As a caregiver, you just have to love your work. Being compassionate and being patient is so important. I treat my residents like they’re my own family. I have been doing this for 17 years and I love what I am doing. It’s a routine already so you know what you need to do and you do not have to leave the residents home, so now I get to be bonded with her. My client has Alzheimer’s but it is nice she knows to look for me. I love that I work with the elderly and it’s about feeling and caring.
Maria B.★★★★★
Assured InHome Care has successfully processed my long term Care claims since December 2016.
Annette B.★★★★★
As a caregiver, it makes me so happy to help my clients. We have quite a bond not just with the client but the family. They have even taken me to Vegas for Mother’s Day and they consider me as family which is really nice. Assured In Home Care is unlike any other company I have worked for and Carla and Gabby are amazing. You build relationships and everyone feels like family.
Vicki P.★★★★★
All of your caregivers were truly compassionate
Mike Stuart★★★★★
We have been using a caregiver from Assured In Home Care for about 7 months to help with my wife with stage 2 Alzheimer’s. Our caregiver has become an adopted member of the family and my wife loves her. She is professional and knowledgeable. Thank you Assured!
Bob T.★★★★★
Assured InHome Care was invaluable to my family. Both my elderly parents were ill and I needed assistance so I could make hospital visits and get them ready for a move to Idaho. The staff was so attentive; they care for the basic needs of my mother and father but also supported each of us emotionally during a very hard transition. By the end of the month, they had become family to us. They were ready to take on any task I needed and both my parents felt very comfortable with each caregiver in their home. This is amazing since they were both opposed to having anyone come in to help. I could not have accomplished everything required of me without their loving, dedicated service to our family. I highly recommend their services to anyone need in-home care.
Dear Dale, Lupe and all the wonderful caregivers, We can’t thank you enough for the years of support, kindness and caring you all provided Shirley. You are all very special people. We all know she was well taken care of. Thank you from the bottoms of our hearts.
Pam T.★★★★★
Assured InHome Care and their attentive staff were truly a blessing for our family. Having never experienced caring for a family member with dementia, we had many questions. They took the time to meet with us on more than one occasion and explain all the options available to us. They worked with my father and my siblings to find the best care taker for my mother. I would highly recommend speaking to Assured InHome Care if you are looking for care for a loved one.
What would we have done without Assured!!! They were lifesavers!
Kim W.★★★★★
It’s not often that one finds a company that genuinely loves what they do. Assured In-Home Care is an unexpected surprise. One of the great things about Assured InHome Care is their kind, loving and knowledgeable caregivers. Each person we met was exceptional. It can be overwhelming arranging for care for a loved one. It is downright scary knowing that you have to leave your mother (in my case), father, etc. in someone else’s care – even if it’s just to run errands, get a reprieve or return to work. This company meets and exceeds expectations. If you need help, this is the place to call.
Deb B.★★★★★
We are absolutely delighted with the service provided by Assured Care. We are just at the beginning of needing care in the home, and they are very accommodating by providing just the coverage we felt we needed. Carla was a pleasure to work with, and the caregiver assigned has been of great assistance to my wife. She arrives promptly each day and our dog is always ready to greet her.
Jean & Bob M.★★★★★
Assured InHome Care has been truly a lifesaver for me and especially for my elderly parents. We are so grateful to their company, especially Carla. She is so amazing, kind and professional. My parents are very difficult to deal with because of their age, health and culture differences. But Carla made them feel at ease with her genuine friendliness and patience. Everyone I had interacted with at Assured have been wonderful! I highly recommend this excellent company. Thank you Assured InHome Care for all your fabulous work! Your company has been a big blessing to us!
K. Tran★★★★
We can’t begin to thank Assured in-home care for their many years of excellent service. The process started with a meeting with Carla. Carla is truly an exceptional individual whose job is her vocation. Her ability to put everyone at ease and assess the current needs of her client makes her wonderful to deal with. She truly understands what care is needed on an ongoing basis with her clients. We experienced short term care needs to full-time care needs with our aging parents. Everyone we dealt with was terrific and you can tell Assured takes time to hire only the best of health care employees. We can’t thank them enough for these years of service. We have recommended the agency to many friends and their experience is always the same as ours and they thank us for the recommendation. The health care personnel were not only professional, on time, but, truly made an effort to make Mom and Dad feel comfortable with there situation. They were with us on occasion for holidays and felt part of the family, as Carla always will! The ongoing communication for Mom and Dads care gave us all so much comfort as their needs changed. Mom and Dads ongoing needs were there first priority, the bonus of taking them to Dr. Appts. , errands, cooking, and laundry we’re a bonus! Honestly, We can’t recommend this service enough and will never forget the peace of mind the family received from the heartfelt, wonderful service. Thank you, Carla and Assured!
My family hired Assured Home Health Orange County to provide care at night to my mother, who was on hospice. I cannot say enough good things about the team at Assured Home Health, and particularly its director, Carla Turney. During her in-home evaluation, Ms. Turney helped us understand the various resources and options available to us. She not only met our immediate needs but also helped us anticipate how these needs might change over time, and kept in regular touch with our family throughout our time with Assured Home Health. The two caregivers that worked with my mother were very patient and attentive and quickly won her over (no small feat!). Assured Home Health’s kind support and reliable service gave me and my family the respite we needed to focus on spending quality time with my mother in her final days.
Kate D.★★★★
After my family and I met with Carla about my at home needs, we all felt that when I went home from the Skill Nursing Facility, I would be in good hands. Well, it turned out that Lisa, my primary caregiver, not only did her job in an exceptional manner but was also caring, as well as professional. Lisa was also a self-starter, when I did not have a need for her to do anything for me, she would always find some light housekeeping chore to do, while making certain that she did not bother me. Though Lisa was my primary caregiver, Pamela also filled in for a couple of days and Pamela turned out to be just like Lisa when it came to caregiving, professionalism and a self-starter. The feeling that my family and I initially had, after meeting with Carla, turned out not only to be correct but was surpassed.
Stephen V.★★★★★
I praised Raquel and Bihn for their kindness and consistent care for my husband as he lay dying. They made sure he was comfortable and at peace providing the music he loved. Raquel supported us emotionally with her kindness, her silence, and quiet conversation when we needed it. She handled several delicate situations with visitors very tactfully and with the professionalism seldom observed anymore. Raquel was able to ease our tensions and create the comfortable environment for all of us after she graciously escorted the hospice worker out.
I want to express my deep appreciation for the excellent care your employee, Vincent, gave my son David. He was gentle, knew exactly how to move his position without hurting him. He knew how to feed him, giving liquid to him, and keeping him aware of his surroundings. Vincent was calm, quiet and always reassuring. He was always professional.
Thanks to the Assured Team for the endless time and energies spent on working with our family for our dad. We will always remember your kindness throughout our struggles. Please accept this donation on behalf of our family and use as you see most appropriate.
Bill’s Family★★★★★
Thank you to caregiver Ramon for the care he bestowed on my husband, Tim, in the weeks before his passing. His presence helped to lighten our burden.
I want to record my deep appreciation for the caregiver team which Assured has put together for me. Roberta is outstanding. She has become a family friend.
We would like to express our sincere gratitude for the attentive care and assistance provided by caregiver Carmen. We could not be happier with her. In little less than a few weeks, she has become a dear friend of not only our mother but also the entire family. It is obvious that she loves her work and sees it far more than just a job.
Bertha’s Family★★★★★
We are so satisfied with our caregiver and the follow up from the office is excellent as well. We would highly recommend them to anyone.
Justin fits in well with the patient and the rest of the family. We appreciate his services and all the helpful suggestions as put forward
John Doe★★★★★
Conrad is the best. He is so caring. Thank you.
R. Neta★★★★★
Both our caregivers are very polite, helpful, very caring and helpful and go beyond what is expected.
You guys have all been so very wonderful. Thank you so much.
Rhonda is fantastic, she is always one step ahead. She is very efficient and truly a caring person towards me and my needs.
I don’t know where I would be without my caregiver Elizabeth. I also appreciate when I call the office staff. Everyone is always so pleasant and kind.
Dale, Lupe and Staff:
Thank you for all the things you’ve done and arranged to make Arnold’s life easier with such wonderful care. You have been wonderful. ~ Sincerely
Lavern B.★★★★★
Our Nana loves Concha, her caregiver, who is by far the most compassionate and patient person you will ever meet. Everything Concha does for Nana is done with a humble spirit and Concha never complains. We are all amazed by her kindness! Thank you Concha!
The Mitchell Family★★★★★
Thank you so much for your wonderful support and professional expertise. In spite of the inevitable result, it was a pleasure to have you and your staff on my side and there for my parents. It is definitely a calling from God that motivates you all. You have my undying gratitude.
Lori O.★★★★★

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