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Chaz Rodriguez
Chaz RodriguezAssured In Home Care -Los Angeles is sad to announce the passing of one of our long-time employees, Chaz Rodriguez.
Chaz passed suddenly on July 6, 2017. Chaz had been employed with Assured In Home Care since 2008 and was loved by all the clients he assisted over the years.
He was a valued employee and friend who will be missed dearly.
Lisa NelsonLisa Nelson has been a loyal and devoted employee of Assured InHome Care since April of 2013.
Lisa has an endless amount of compassion and dedication to each loved one she serves in the home. Lisa has a strong work ethic, tries very hard to please, and is very competent in all duties required to be a Home Care Aide.

Lisa has been recognized by Senior Serv as an outstanding employee in the field. We are lucky to work alongside Lisa to assist families at home with dignity.
Thank you, Lisa, for all you do every day and for the joyful spirit you embrace with your coworkers and your supervisors.
Silvia Partida De Peralta
Silvia Partida De PeraltaSilvia Partida De Peralta joined Team Assured in January of 2019.

She comes to us with a wealth of experience.
Silvia has a very strong work ethic and has a real love of working with older adults. She has a thoughtful and caring disposition and works hard to serve each loved one at home as if he/she is her first client!

Silvia also works well with other employees to ensure continuity of care is working well for everyone and that changes of shift run smoothly.

Thank you Silvia for all you do! You are a real advocate for our clients at home.
Pamela Robinson
Pamela RobinsonPamela Robinson is a recent addition to Team Assured. She has a very kind and caring disposition. Pam works hard and has a special gift of caring for loved ones who struggle with their memory. She provides encouragement and supports all family loved ones who participate in the care giving also. We are proud to have Pam as a part of team.
Carolina Hernandez De Mancia
Pamela RobinsonPamela Robinson is a recent addition to Team Assured. She has a very kind and caring disposition. Pam works hard and has a special gift of caring for loved ones who struggle with their memory. She provides encouragement and supports all family loved ones who participate in the care giving also. We are proud to have Pam as a part of team.
Stephanie Jaso
Stephanie JasoStephanie Jaso has worked with Assured since 2016. She is very loving towards those she serves at home. Stephanie has a very calm demeanor, which her clients respond very well to. Stephanie is always willing to try new things to help improve care for those she helps at home. She also has a great attitude when it comes to working alongside her co workers.
Ramon Ferrer
Ramon FerrerRamon Ferrer has recently joined the Assured Team. He has years of experience in caring for loved ones at home. Ramon is diligent in his duties and has a positive working attitude. We appreciate Ramon and we are thankful he is part of Assured In Home Care.
Dee Traylor
Dee TraylorDee Traylor has been with Assured since 2017. She has a very strong work ethic. She enjoys finding ways to help improve the quality of life for the loved ones she serves at home. Dee often makes suggestions on ways to better help her clients. She has such an eager spirit that is appreciated and admired by those she works with. We really appreciate Dee at Assured In Home Care.
Virginia Wakweika
Virginia Wakweika Virginia Wakweika has been with Assured since 2016. She has excellent skills in all areas of care giving. She has a servant’s heart, and really enjoys helping families at home. She works hard, and is always willing to communicate thoughtful ways to help improve care if she sees a need. Virginia is always open to help out a family in crisis and help her team at Assured In Home Care.
Pamela Kamuri
Pamela KamuriPamela Kamuri has been with Assured since June 2018. She shows excellent work ethic with all Assured clients. She is committed to serving clients and gives her best with regards to all Activities of Daily Living. She is diligent, on time, and is eager to assist and be helpful to those she serves.
Kezia Gachigo
Keziah GachigoKeziah Gachigo has been with Assured since December 2017. One of her best qualities is that she is excellent at communication, both with her clients and with her supervisors. Keziah offers great ideas to help improve services, is hard working, responsible, and a real “Assured Team Player”. We value and appreciate her daily efforts as a home care aide.
Edmund Elaba
Edmund ElabaEdmund Elaba has been with Assured since July 2015. He has a very friendly and helpful disposition. Clients often comment on his professionalism, integrity, and desire to do the right thing. Ed supports his fellow home care aides by working alongside them to best help each client. Most families consider Ed to be an extension of their own family.
Marita Agustin
Marita AgustinMarita Agustin has been with Assured since January 2016 . She has served all levels of memory care and those who are often the most marginalized. Maria has a very calm demeanor, and most families would say that she is a very trustworthy soul. She works hard and has a very helpful attitude.
Mirna Simerson
Mirna SimersonMirna Simerson has been with Team Assured since June of 2017. She is a very experienced caregiver who wants to be proactive with each and every client she serves at home. Mirna enjoys assisting loved ones with the preparation of good meals, exercise, and wants her client to have an exceptional quality of life.
Fondo Santos
Fondo SantosFondo Santos has been on the Assured Team since March of 2012. Fondo has a very kind heart and a very strong work ethic. Fondo is always eager to please and always wants to carry out all his duties and responsibilities with his clients in an effort to make them more comfortable at home.
Erendira Garcia
Erendira GarciaErendira Garcia has been with Team Assured since April of 2015. Eren has proven herself to be a good and hardworking employee. Clients enjoy conversing with her, and she always wants to carry out her duties to the best of her ability. Eren often will accept assignments last minute in an effort to help any family in need.
Passy Kikuru
Keziah GachigoPassy Kikuru has been with Team Assured since May of 2016. She is consistently dependable! She is super at helping her co-workers by providing training for new clients. She is patient and has a very agreeable attitude when working towards accommodations for care, schedule, and administrative needs.

She is a champion caregiver and always wants to be thorough in all her daily tasks! She is a professional in all aspects relating to getting along with others and continually completes her job to meet any client’s expectations.
Virginia Wakweika
Virginia WakweikaVirginia Wakweika has been with Team Assured since May of 2016. Virginia has a wonderful smile and loves to share her happy spirit with others. She is positive, hard-working, and has proven to be a team player on any job! Virginia excels on assignments that can be complicated and always has a good attitude. She says yes to helping out and filling in whenever she can. Virginia is a pleasure to be with for the clients and a pleasure to work with for the office staff.
David Alvarez
David AlvarezDavid Alvarez has been with Assured InHome Care since April of 2014. David is punctual, dependable, and accepts fill-in assignments on a regular basis, which is a huge help and often gets us out of a bind. He is always ready to assist our clients in a pinch!

David has a kind heart and enjoys working with families. He “goes with the flow” and does not get rattled when faced with some difficult challenges. We appreciate David’s efforts to help others. He has a great attitude on a regular basis.
Moises Barrera
Moises BarreraMoises Barrera has been a member of Team Assured since January of 2011. Moises has a heart to serve and enjoys learning and growing with families. He has a strong work ethic and is very punctual, diligent and committed to all clients he serves. We are proud to work alongside Moises.
Zenaida Casillas
Zenaida CasillasAssured since August of 2008. Zenaida loves what she does and really enjoys working with clients. She loves helping and serving on all levels and many clients have pointed out that they really love her cooking. She helps out other coworkers by accepting fill-in assignments and has a wonderful positive attitude, both in the field and towards the Assured office staff. Zenaida Casillas has worked with
Justin Stevens
Justin StevensJustin Stevens has been with Assured In Home Care since March of 2011. Justin is a very hard worker and committed to each client he assists in the home. He has a very calm and relaxed disposition and truly loves what he does!

This is evident by his willingness to manage all the activities of daily living with an attitude of pleasure, and not of frustration or angst. We appreciate the opportunity to work with Justin. He is loved by so many!
Vicky San Pedro
Vicky San PedroVicky San Pedro is such a sweetheart. She has a servant’s heart. She has been with her client, JoAnn, for almost 3 years! She is such a joy to JoAnn and everyone she encounters! Vicky is respectful and kind. We can always count on Vicky.

Vicky is the definition of selfless – she cares so much about others. She is always thinking about her other colleagues and how her change in schedule might affect them. Vicky is very thoughtful. Any client is in great hands with Vicky! We just love her.
John KabuchwaJohn Kabuchwa has been with Assured for almost a year. He has done an incredible job with each client he has worked with. John is a hard worker, not to mention a sweet, kind, loving individual. John’s heart is in the right place – he truly cares about each person he serves.

We appreciate John for his conscientiousness and compassion for the elderly. He is also a great communicator, always getting back to us in a timely manner and turning documents in on time. He is a pleasure to work with. We are happy to have him on Team Assured!
Naomi KarogoNaomi Karogo has been such an excellent employee of Assured’s since the very beginning! She is known to be an extremely hardworking, smart, courageous individual. Naomi is a true team player and works very hard. We are very impressed by her diligence and communication skills. She is very effective in what she does – she can get the job done! She is dedicated and loyal. She is enthusiastic about her work.
Vicky San PedroVicky San Pedro is such a sweetheart. She has a servant’s heart. She has been with her client, JoAnn, for almost 3 years! She is such a joy to JoAnn and everyone she encounters! Vicky is respectful and kind. We can always count on Vicky.

Vicky is the definition of selfless – she cares so much about others. She is always thinking about her other colleagues and how her change in schedule might affect them. Vicky is very thoughtful. Any client is in great hands with Vicky! We just love her.
WiniWini has been a phenomenal care provider for Teresa for over a year now. Wini exhibits a significant amount of patience and love and acceptance of others. She has a gentle calmness and poise about her that is contagious. She leads by example. We really have a lot of love and appreciation for Wini and feel lucky to have her working with us. Wini is honest and dependable. She is an overall fantastic employee.
MilikaMilika is certainly loved by each and everyone she works with and has ever worked with. She is a very capable, very knowledgeable caregiver. Milika is reliable and dependable. She has a nice, positive outlook on life and definitely cares about her clients’ needs.

From an office perspective, she gets along well with others and is super polite. She always shows appreciation for each job offered to her. She is a happy, hardworking person; she hardly ever says no to any job prospect. We love her work ethic.
GerryGerry has always been the definition of professionalism, compassion, and dedication. Gerry is an excellent communicator. He is a wonderful worker. He truly makes a difference in each of his client’s lives.

Gerry is positive and is always looking to improve himself. If he is available to work, then he will definitely help us out with cases that need to be staffed last minute – he has been a real lifesaver in that respect! We never have to worry about Gerry; we are confident that he will do a great job with whoever he is with and represent Assured well.
ShaiShai has shown great progress since first starting with our company in October of 2015. She is a very kind and caring person. Shai treats everyone she meets with great dignity and utmost respect. We always enjoy when Shai visits us in the office; she is a joy to be around. Shai has always been honest and open – her communication skills are superb! She also takes excellent notes and provides us with detailed updates on her clients’ progress.
MoisesMoises has exhibited patience, poise, and determination while on the job. He is a great teacher. He wants what is best for everyone – clients & other caregivers alike. He has never once asked for time off since first starting with his current client more than a year ago.

Moises is extremely dedicated to his job; we trust him implicitly! He has a cheerful disposition, which makes him very likable and very easy to get along with. We admire Moises and his impressive skills as a home care aide.
NatalieNatalie’s recent work with her client has been spectacular. Natalie has displayed assertiveness, taken initiative, and shown poise under pressure. She really steps up to the plate in challenging situations.

Natalie has a way about her that is both encouraging and refreshing. She definitely impacts everyone she works with. We don’t know what we would do without Natalie! She has saved a few cases for us, by bringing hope and a positive perspective to clients’ futures. She certainly makes a difference in people’s lives!
CarolineCaroline is an absolute joy to work with. She has a fantastic personality and her kindness and sincerity are apparent upon meeting her. She is extraordinarily sweet and caring.

Every client wants Caroline working for them. She is a great team player and wants what’s best for everyone. She definitely puts others before herself. We are very grateful to have Caroline as part of our Assured family.
AnneAnne has been a wonderful addition to our Assured family. Anne exhibits professionalism, compassion, and intelligence. Moreover, we have known her to be an excellent communicator; she always gets back to us in a timely manner regarding job opportunities and other inquiries. She is very smart and is able to think on her feet. Her decision-making is superb.
TeclaTecla has really stepped up for Assured. She is one of our “veteran” caregivers having worked for us since April of 2015. She has proven herself to be a reliable, trustworthy, hard worker. We appreciate her consistency and strong work ethic.

Assured recognizes Tecla for her loyalty to our company, dedication, and selfless work. Tecla is detail-oriented, organized, and always gets her paperwork in on time, which we are very grateful for.
StephanieStephanie is willing to accept any job offered to her. She is eager to learn new things and is extremely teachable. She is adaptable to new situations and always puts forth a positive energy & spirit.

Stephanie has shown initiative by letting the office know that a client’s home did not have a notebook and leaving her own personal log book there for everyone to utilize. By the way, she takes amazing notes! We are lucky to have Stephanie on board!
Rodrigo R.Rodrigo R. has proven himself to be a terrific addition to our Assured Orange County family. He is a top-notch, quality employee. We are grateful for Rod’s excellent communication skills. He gets the job done in an efficient manner and has a very loving, patient demeanor while doing so.

Rodrigo is an excellent cook, not to mention a great friend and shoulder to lean on. Rod has a genuine passion & zealous enthusiasm for what he does! We appreciate all of his outstanding work!
MarieMarie C. has been wonderful, especially as a caregiver floater these last couple of months – she fills-in on any case she is available to work. Marie has helped us out with many emergency staffing situations; she is a lifesaver! And she does it with a smile on her face too! She has been a wonderful communicator with the Assured office.

Marie develops a strong bond & special connection with each client she cares for. She is passionate about what she does and incredibly courageous, but humble too, in her endeavors. We honor Marie this month and thank her for all of her hard work & perseverance.
BenBen H. is a great employee! He has always done a fantastic job working with whomever he serves. Every client raves about Ben! He is very personable and really gets to know others and is interested in their life stories. Many clients consider Ben as “their son”. He is extremely likable and down to earth.

His current client and client’s family just adore Ben and are appreciative towards him for his trustworthiness, pleasant nature, & flexibility. Assured greatly appreciates all of Ben’s hard work & loyalty!
ArmandoArmando J. is a joy to work with. He has been doing a phenomenal job caring for his current client. He is also always happy to take on fill-in job assignments, something that we appreciate a lot. Armando has referred many friends to Assured, and we feel very thankful to him for doing this.

He is a wonderful communicator and an extraordinarily kind individual. He takes great care in his work and is extremely detail-oriented. Armando really has a way with clients – they all gravitate to him and take a liking to him right away! He is a great companion to people.
JaneJane G. has done an excellent job working with her current client. Jane goes out of her way to help others and find solutions to problems. She is a wonderful communicator. She is intelligent, instinctual, and confident in who she is and what she stands for.

Jane sets the bar high! Assured is grateful towards her and recognizes her this month for her excellence in caregiving and being able to work so nicely with others. The patience she displays on the job and outside of work too is admirable. Jane has been a GREAT addition to our company!
MattMatt L. has been of great help to Monsignor Reynolds, whom he has been taking care of for the past few months. Matt is a very kind person. He takes his job seriously and always has his client’s best interests in mind. He is a strong individual with great integrity and portrays compassion and sincerity.

Matt is really interested in trying to get to know a person and finding out their story. He is great at connecting with others and has a true genuineness about him. He is conscientious and thoughtful in both his words and actions. We are lucky to have Matt as part of our Assured family.