Caregiver Jobs

During these challenging times, Assured In-Home Care would like to express our deep gratitude to our Home Care Aides, who are serving loved ones at home in both Los Angeles and Orange Counties on a daily basis. Every day they “mask up” and are ready to assist in any way needed for their clients at home. 
Our in-home care staff are truly outstanding citizens, working for the “larger” good, as well as in their own communities. They provide the much needed daily support to ensure our family loved ones receive quality care at home.
We recognize their dedication and commitment, while also exercising personal responsibility to stay healthy and to keep themselves and those they love well. 


Are you a caring and compassionate person who admires and adores older adults and their feelings? 

Do you enjoy helping aging individuals in need of help with their daily living activities? 

If so, we’re always looking to hire skilled caregivers to help meet these needs.